Tuesday, 5 February 2008

"Oh my God! What is That?"

It's the kind of film I never thought they'd make again after 9/11 but make it they did and, perhaps surprisingly, Cloverfield is pretty good. It offers a real sense of danger and is genuinely scary in places. You see enough of the monster to get the idea, but not so much that it seems like Godzilla. Despite the warnings the camerawork didn't make me or anyone else that I could see sick.


Anonymous said...

Aw come on, it was the OC versus Godzilla. Why did everyone have to be so beautiful? And how on earth did that girl survive and then be fit enough to run! That pole was straight through her heart!

I knew this would be Gozilla last year when they started their viral marketing before even they knew what their monster would be.


Now, No Country for Old Men, that was a good movie. Written by Cormac McCarthy who also wrote the Pulitzer prize winning The Road. An outstanding book about a man and his son in the time after a nuclear fall out.

Tom said...

Well it was New York after all, the home of beautiful people. And in any case I didn't find it unusual as I exclusively hang about with only beautiful people. Isn't that the case for you too Anonymous?

You'll see my 'not Godzilla' point up in the original post.

The pole wisnae actually through her heart, but nearer the shoulder. Yes, I agree it was daft that she was up and running about after that, but Cloverfield's not the first film to offer someone being perfectly fit after receiving a potentially life threatening wound.

You've overlooked the other ridiculous fact that they went up into a building that was leaning on another building.

But really once you have a gigantic monster jumping about a city you can pretty much chuck out every other realistic element and it shouldn't matter too much.