Sunday, 10 February 2008

Whiskerino Throwdoon

With Whiskerino near the end of its 120 days of beard growing, Ronnie organised the European Throwdown, held conveniently in Glasgow.

A good day out was had by all, beards, non-beards and beard lovers included. Some of the beards flew in from Germany, some flew back to Germany as soon as it ended, some drove from Yorkshire and back inside 18 hours.

I lifted the coveted Best Overall Beard medal, which you can just about see in that photo above. There was later some drunk talk of impeachment by the chairwoman of the judges, but the award now takes pride of place on the mantlepiece.

The contest still has another 19 days to run before we can start reaching for the razors. More photographs can be found at my Flickr page here and at Ronnie's page here.

Photo above courtesy of Graham.

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Andy said...

Oh, and I I has some here too.