Sunday, 20 April 2008


Quite hilariously the Sunday Herald today were forced to run an apology over an article one of their sports writers contributed to last week's edition. The offending article highlighted Celtic fans' dislike of their gaffer Gordon Strachan. Its closing paragraph contained the sentence "Some fans would probably rather have a bead-rattling Hoopy the Huddle Hound in the dug-out."

How that phrase managed to reach the printed pages of a national newspaper I don't know. And neither does the Sport Editor who appears to be busy fielding the postbag of furious letters and firing and demoting his offending staff.

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Fraser said...

Ha ha, this is brilliant. The Sports Editor has basically sacked the dude who wrote it and otherwise takes fuck all responsibility for the whole thing.

"I have also instigated an investigation to discover how this unacceptable terminology was able to get through our production system."

Aye, here's an idea - what about getting back to the old fashioned idea of editors actually fucking reading content before it's printed?

Jesus wept.