Friday, 11 April 2008

This Place is Dead Alright

Due to Ronnie being quite new to the internet :o) he's managed to accidentally kill off This Place is Dead. This means that both he and Tommy have had to turn up at the doss house, bundles in hand, looking for new internet accommodation.

You'll find Ronnie and an already healthy number of posts at while Tommy's monthly posts can be found at Nice Marmot. And as a new addition to the former TPID family Ronnie's wife Claire now has her own blog. Go visit them all.

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nice marmot said...

The demise of TPID has had the desired effect: I've posted more at nice marmot in 3 days than I did in three weeks/months* of TPID! I've even enabled comments to allow me to see just how uninteresting and insignificant I really am!

[* delete as appropriate]