Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Comedy Interviews

Here are a few comedy interviews. First of all Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald talk about Kids in the Hall playing a residency in Las Vegas and briefly mention their new 8 part TV series 'Death Comes to Town'. The link also includes a few Kids' sketches on YouTube.

In The Onion Jim Gaffigan talks about his 'Sexy Tour'.

It's funny, though, it's with Comedy Central, and there were these affiliates that do exchanges on ads, and supposedly in Tampa, one didn't want to do some promotion or something. They were like, [High-pitched voice.] "The Sexy Tour, that's dirty." And I'm a clean comic. It just proves that there's a lot of people who don't have any idea who the hell I am. I just thought it was funny, it's like, "The joke is that it isn't… it's not sexy." And they're like, "They don't get it."

A collection of writers from The Daily Show chat to an audience about their jobs.


ronniebrown said...

Woah! When did all this happen? I hadn't visited in a while cos it seemed like the posts were drying up. Looks like I've a lot of catching up to do.

Tom said...

Never underestimate 'Pish!

I thought it was time we revamped a bit. I got the sense nae fucker was reading, so a wee bit of a relaunch. I'm sure there will still be next to naeone reading, but there'll be more Pish patter for those that do.