Monday, 3 November 2008

More on the Brand/Ross Carry-on

One of the things to amuse me about the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross carry on is that no one can quite settle on a name for it. I've seen Ross/Brand Gate, Brand Gate, Sachs Gate and Manuel Gate. Perhaps it's time to stop trying to shoehorn 'gate' onto the end of each new scandal.

As the fallout continues there's been a couple of funny articles on the subject. In yesterday's Observer David Mitchell wrote this piece.

"Because it's been a particularly lovely week for those 30,000 and rising who've found the time in their undoubtedly busy schedules to thank the BBC for taking the trouble to offend them. Obviously, 29,998 of them missed the broadcast, but thanks to the miracle of YouTube and our dispassionate, fact-printing media, they've all had the opportunity to catch up and get their fix of what offends them.

They're an odd bunch, these people who actually enjoy being offended. Some would call them perverts but I, in common with much of the media, think that in our new inclusive society, their fetish should be indulged. In fact, live and let live, it should be celebrated. It's harmless, if incredibly weird, and they're an important and growing demographic. In fact, I'm thinking of pitching a TV show specifically targeted at them called Why Don't You All Go and Fuck Yourselves!? I imagine it'll be a hit."

Then in today's Guardian there comes this insightful and amusing article from Charlie Brooker.

"Perhaps it's time to put a "Complain to Ofcom" button right there on the remote control: if enough viewers press it, the show gets yanked immediately, like a bad variety act being pulled off stage by a shepherd's crook."

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Fraser said...

These are both very good, very funny articles, but I am the only one who thinks it took a wee while too long for the cavalry to arrive?

If a few more prominent people had made comments such as this in the middle of last week, I doubt we would have Paul Gamberchini making what appears to be a spirited bid for controller of Radio 2 (chief qualification, "I told you so" style smugness)or David Cameron talking about how the BBC needs to be stripped down blah, blah, blah, vote for me, I'll ban what you want banned etc.

Nice to see he isn't a vapid, opportunistic little prick eh? Still, gives folk a good idea of the kind of wank they'll most probably be electing to lead them in book burnings and the like I suppose.

As correctly pointed out by many, this isn't about who was right, who was wrong etc; not really. Its about red top readers, morons let's be fair, deciding what's on the tele/radio on the say so of bear baiters. Mob rule, not democracy.

It's cost several people their jobs including Lesley Douglas, which a lot of broadcasters seem genuinely gutted about. And let's face it, Ross won't be back either, how can he be now after this fucking nonsense?