Saturday, 10 January 2009

Glue on the IPlayer

I'm assuming no more than a few folk stayed up to after midnight to hear our show.

Here's how to listen to it at a more Godly hour.

I'm very pleased with how it sounded and listened to some of the other Zone stuff before hitting the hay and despite blithering a lot of fairly incoherent rubbish about Armando Iannucci at one point, I think we can off no' too bad. Who knew Tom had a posh telephone voice eh? :)

I know Tom said in his earlier post to head along to The Comedy Zone Site to listen to the show, but that seems from my experience to play the whole 330min(!) Zone on a constant loop, so if it's our show you want to hear, I'd recommend using the Iplayer instead.


Jason said...

Listened to the show on iplayer. Sounded great, however at 5:25:49 it breaks off during Gordon Kennedy's favourite year mid sentence and turns into a football show would loved to have heard the end of the show. How did you close it off was there any more?

Tom said...

There should have been more of our ramblings. We finished off by plugging our Rehearsed Reading at the Ramshorn Theatre in March. So I guess that got cut off.

Cheers for listening. And for ploughing all the way through.