Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hudson River Plane Crash

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Amazing how quickly folk have their pictures of this accident up on Flickr. There are more photographs, being constantly updated, here. Or have a look at this photo on Twitter taken by a passenger on board the ferry that went over to rescue passengers.

Flickr user eddienyc has a great set of photographs of the rescue. This photograph by grego! is also pretty amazing.

Late night updates:

This is a photograph of Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III the pilot who steered the plane into the water, ensuring that there was no loss of life. Here is the article on him from Friday morning's Times.

This is The New York Times article on events.

From Flickr user Amazin Jane's photostream.

"Although the US Airways jet crashed into the Hudson River near the west 50's, they towed the airplane south and 'docked' it in near Battery Park and the World Financial Center. This is the wing sticking up over the height of the walkway."
Gothamist have reports, eye witness comments, photographs, videos, maps and everything else you could want on the story.

Here's Eddie Izzard's great bit on 'Bird strike'. And here's the wikipedia entry for it.


Ciaran Roarty said...

Agree - Citizen Reportage is pretty quick, isn't it?

This is my favourite so far:
Hudson River Crash

Tom said...

Yep, just added the link to the original of that one.