Monday, 5 January 2009

Glue on the Radio

The wait is finally at an end. The Magic Glue, our radio pilot, is on Radio Scotland (92.4 - 94.7 FM and 810 MW) this Friday 9th January at 11.30am. Yes, that's right Friday MORNING. I've already had a few folk asking if I meant PM. I don't, I mean 11.30AM.

That is not the only time you can hear the show however. You can also hear it repeated at 8.30pm the following day, Saturday the 10th.

But you don't have to listen to it on the radio. You can also hear it online. It's repeated as part of The Comedy Zone at 00.30am that night. This show is available online for a week afterwards. The Comedy Zone is about five hours long, but The Magic Glue should be right at the start of it. The rest of the shows in the section have been selected based on suggestions by Fraser and I. Plus we'll be presenting it, so even more chances to hear our voices on the radio.

You can listen to the show on digital radio, through freeview on your telly and probably for a week afterwards on the iplayer. The many ways to listen to Radio Scotland can be found at this link.

There's a Facebook event thing that you can add your 'attendance' and comments to if you're on Facebook.

We were delighted with the recording itself and we're pretty happy with the edit of the show. So we'll just sit back and see how it's received or not by the public at large.

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