Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama's Inagauration

With George W. Bush packing his bags this afternoon and Barack Obama moving his stuff into the White House, here's a look at some of the things that are happening today.

First up a profile of Obama's chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau.

Favreau would be up most nights until 3am, honing the next day's stump speeches in a caffeine haze of espressos and Red Bull energy drinks, taking breaks to play the video game Rock Band. He coined a phrase for this late-night deadline surfing: "crashing".

A BBC report on the security measures in place.

A short video of Bush's belongings being removed from The White House, put in a van and then chucked in the river (hopefully).

Below is a video where Iraqis discuss their thoughts on Obama.

Read all the previous inauguration speeches.

The BBC has unearthed footage of Dr Martin Luther King predicting a "Negro president", although he was out by 20 years.

An article from The Times on the changes that are set to be made to The White House website when Obama's tech-savvy team comes in.

Dave Chappelle on the first black president.

Black comics talk about Obama.

Chris Rock supporting Obama.

From The Richard Pryor Show - The 40th President of the United States

Obama is urged to create a new tartan to celebrate his Scottish roots.

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Flickr have an Inauguration 2009 pool and I'll post a few of those photos throughout the afternoon.

The New York Times have a live blog.

Not Quite Nigella has a recipe for the Barack Obama Inauguration Pizza and some photographs of the quite impressive finished product.

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The Huffington Post have their own Obama Inauguration page.

Dick Cheney is at the inauguration in a wheelchair thanks to injuring his back moving boxes into his new house.

Here's a cracking picture of me all done up in Obama's style courtesy of Obamicon.Me.

Get your Obama gear on the streets of Washington here.

The Guardian has a report on Obama's swearing-in.

The FBI is investigating two "streams of intelligence" suggesting the "Somalia-based terrorist organization Al Shabaab" may have been plotting an attack timed to coincide with the event.

CNN has President Obama's just completed speech in full.

USA Today has a set of inauguration photographs on Flickr.

News that both Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Robert Byrd have collapsed at the inuaguration lunch.

The Daily Show has plenty of stuff on the inauguration in their own inimitable style.

Ted Sorensen, speechwriter for JFK when he made his inaugral speech in 1961, gives The Guardian his view on President Obama's speech.


Limmy said...

Are you in your Y fronts?

Tom said...

Aye. Technically they're costume Ys. It was for a Glue sketch we were filming. I thought the premiere of the photie would be best if I could disguise most bits.

Fraser said...

You'll be glad you missed the filming that day eh Brian? :)