Monday, 10 January 2005

"As a Good Christian"

Did you watch Jerry Springer - The Opera? I think even if I wasn't interested in it I would have watched it on gneral principle after seeing some of the protests on the news. I was baffled by the number of idiots prepared to stand outside BBC television centre. "Don't talk to them!" I pleaded to the reporter, but nah of course he did. Their argument for why a show that they hadn't seen shouldn't be broadcast centred around 'I am a Christian' and 'I pay my licence fee' along with 'I don't need to see it.' Funny how these good people can be propmted into protest by a rag like The Sun.

For a beautiful example of what fools The Sun are have a look at this story about the broadcast on Chortle and then look at The Sun. Notice also how The Sun have actually increased the viewing figures by 100,000. They also still seem to be sticking to their made up swear count, which I can only put down to them attempting to multiply every word by 30 since the chorus sang all the words. Which by that rationale means that every football ground in the country features upwards of 50,000 swearwords every weekend. Try banning football Sun readers, eh, let's see how far you get. I'm much more concerned by the fact a national newspaper can print an article that is grossly incorrect and have people happily accept misrepresentation as fact.

As for the actual show itself. I really enjoyed it. It was very funny and offended me not in the slightest. But then I'm not 'a good Christian.'


Anonymous said...

Given that there were so many complaints before the programme aired, but so few after it was shown, what can we conclude?

That they did the right thing and didn't watch it because they knew it would offend them? Or maybe they died of shock at the filth on THEIR BBC? Who knows.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say: I thought it was pretty funny, although, in my opinion, it tailed off a bit in act two. (The part that I suppose offended most people.) As I said "chick with a dick with a heart" was probably the line that made me laugh the most.