Friday, 14 January 2005

Let's Have a Thought-Scatter

Ronnie touched on this the other week, over on 160676, but it was only in the comments so I'll mention it here. I bumped into his wife Claire last night. Claire works in the mental health industry and she was telling me that her bosses have dictated that they not use the word 'brainstorm' for fear of offending anyone. In its place they must use the made up word 'thought-scatter.' What sort of nutter do you have to be to think up this stuff? They also aren't allowed to refer to black bin bags as black bin bags for fear of offending, God knows who.


Anonymous said...

Come and get your black bin bags
they're on offer till December
Heavy duty black bin bags
No matter what your gender
Heavy duty black bun bags
If you're bi or straight or bender

Anonymous said...

I was told not to use the term brainstorm at work as well. Frankly I'm not suprised as I was told I couldn't use the word "ginger" as it was racist. Yahoo for the NHS. Cathy