Friday, 7 January 2005

"Have You Any Idea How Long it Would Take to Sing 3,168 F-Words? "

I'll be watching Jerry Springer The Opera tomorrow night when it airs on BBC 2. I've been a fan of Stewart Lee for several years and saw his stand-up at the festival in about 1998 when he was hilarious without having the need to say much that was funny. Anyway you may have noticed the huge hyperbole about it in the newspapers over the last couple of days. Stewart Lee had a quiet rebuttal at the beggining of the week, which calmly shoots down the daft critisism. It's a shame he'll be in Germany when it airs as I'd love to see him go toe-to-toe with the Mary Whitehouse guy.


Anonymous said...

I love it when people complain about something they've never seen. These same people will be the ones that watch it, knowing full well that it will offend them, so that the can complain again after it airs.

Given the number of complaints that it's already had, we could be looking at the programme that will overtake the Brass Eye special for record numbers of complaints. (If it hasn't already.)


Fraser said...

Yes, nice to see a national "newspaper" taking it's cues from ultra right wing Christian Mary Whithouse remnace.

Nothing like a relevant or believable source is there?

Of course, when people complain about the Sun plastering young lassies with their tits out all over a "family" paper, they are told to go back to Russia.