Monday, 10 January 2005

Hooray for Exeter

You may remember my post from a few weeks ago about the Man United fans successfully having a ban imposed on Exeter players celebrating a goal against them by imitating a plane. So well done to Exeter for almost bringing the sight of a goal about on Saturday and for their remarkable achievement of gaining a no-score draw. Although Man U put out a significantly weakened side, any footballer picking up a paypoke with the words 'Manchester United' on it should be superior to anyone playing non-league football. So hooray for Exeter and get it right up you Manchester United fans. Maybe with the big boys now travelling down to Devon the Exeter fans can dictate how Man United players can celebrate. Should they be lucky enough to score.

With the BBC now set to show the replay live this means that Exeter will have pulled in £750,000 from the two ties.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they could ban Sir Awex from chewing an entire packet of Juicy Fruit with his mouth open for the entire game. And maybe wear some makeup to tone down that whiskey nose while he's at it. No? Maybe not...