Tuesday, 18 January 2005

What Do They All Have in Common?

Singer-songwriter Bobby Goldsboro
Actor-director Kevin Costner
Country singer Mark Collie
Actress Jane Horrocks
Comedian Dave Attell
Actor Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order
Rapper DJ Quik
Singer Jonathan Davis of Korn
Singer Samantha Mumba
Former Newcastle United footballer Peter Beardsley
And me

Well the only suggestions appear to be that they are all "bent as fuck." Nice try Fizz, but wrong. No, the answer is that today is their birthday.

Cheers to Iain and Jo, the only folk who weren't at the birth who remembered. Hurray for me, stuck, as I am, in my pish nothing job on this pointless occasion.


Fraser said...

They're all bend as fuck?

Fraser said...

pardon me, bent as fuck.

Fraser said...

They're all bent as fuck?

Fraser said...

Is that what it is? Are they all bent as fuck?

R said...

Happy Birthday mate! It's been noted in my diary and I'll remember it next year!


Anonymous said...

Is it that they were all born on the same day and that they are all bent as fuck? Thanks for your time on this. I need to know.