Friday, 30 March 2007

It's Not All Shit After All...But No, Hang On, It Is

If you’re at work, idly allowing the precious minutes of your life to ebb away for the sake of a lot of meaningless pish, fill up on the good stuff here.

Of at least you think it's the good stuff, until you realise that its all a complicated advert for Microsoft. What a shame.

Demetri Martin is a very funny man. And also now a corporate cock sucker it would appear. Enjoy that scaley old whang buddy.

But he is pretty funny.

Don’t believe me? Get stuck into the video below then smartypants.


Anonymous said...

yo, i never actually read your posts today. but will do shortly. Looks like wikipedia's open source has been abused... check out this post. Though it might be corrected by the time you see it..

Anonymous said...

oh, it's ben L by the way.

Fraser said...

Hiya Ben!

Isn't Wikipedia often abused? I know the entry about Rangers is often attacked by Celtic fans doing some "creative editing".

I guess a site that relies on the good will of all users is always going to have its work cut out.

Lets us know how you are doing Ben, whatya up to?

Anonymous said...

Esoteric humor! COOL! I use that “I’ve got diarrhea” line for more than just getting rid of ticklers. It works for a lot of stuff, like when nosey people ask, “What are you doing?” It stops them dead in their tracks. LOL!

Finger puppet = verb, oh my!

And I saw Mr. Hanky 4 times in less than 15 minutes; ‘It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.’ Sort of

Keep em coming.... ladies

Thanks Fraser
Later, Connie

Fraser said...

No Problem Connie. Demetri provided the funnies after all...