Friday, 16 March 2007

Lazy Bastards

I’m just checking a mate’s blog there looking for an update, but they haven’t done one.

How dare they not have something new for me to read eh?

“Lazy Bastards.” I thought to myself.

Which is a bit cheeky really since I looking because I can’t be bothered doing any work.

I’m at that stage of the day/week/whatever (3.28pm on a Friday) where I’d rather be getting repeatedly kicked in the balls than do one more bit of the same old.

As I type, one of my colleagues is doing that eye flapping thing you do when your falling asleep somewhere you’re not meant to.

Doesnae get much better than this eh?


Katie said...

Down with work - I'll take a repeated ball-kicking as well! Oh wait....

Connie said...

Who knew that someone could make slacking sound like so much fun?