Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Glue in Edinburgh

Last night was You Owe Me Glue’s first visit outside of the Glasgow area when we went to The Stand in Edinburgh. Surprisingly we found ourselves on first as there were 5 10 minute spots, including Kevin Bridges and Frankie Boyle, in amongst a bill of about 10 acts. I would have thought that putting the only sketch group on first was missing a trick a wee bit, but anyway…

It was the smallest, most cramped stage we’ve ever performed on and if we go back in future we probably couldn’t do any sketches with more than 3 folk onstage at the same time.

We went down really well, everything got big laughs and we coped fine despite having had zero rehearsal hours this week.

Since we've been out gigging with other folk recently I thought I would stick a few of them on here.

Limmy – How Far Would You Go?

Frankie Boyle’s Showreel

Des McLean – Bullshit Tour of India

Scott Agnew – Make Me a Lady

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