Saturday, 17 February 2007

Richards Update

Here's the latest update on Michael Richards. I tend to agree with him. What's the guy meant to do? It seems he's to dance to Gloria Allred and these plums' tune until they tell him to stop dancing.


Anonymous said...

Gloria Allred obviously smells cash and a boost to her profile.

Here she has a guy by the short and curlies - there's no way she can engineer a situation wherein she comes off as more insidious than Richards. Except she's managed it.

She should have got Judge Reinhold and Tommy Hung And The Hung Jury involved, then I might have been interested.

This whole episode seems to increase in daftness exponentially every time you hear about it.

Anonymous said...

The question is, if Richards took part in this-what happens afterwards? He hasnt got a career to go back to and doesnt deserve one. That said though, he is based in a country that according to recent polls forgives Mel Gibson for being a total racist... but doesnt forgive Tom Cruise for being really excited about his new girlfriend and discussing a religion that he believes in.