Sunday, 23 September 2007


I once had a flatmate who loved Duckman so much that he once forced another of our flatmates to watch an episode with him literally at knifepoint.

Running on US TV in the mid-90s Duckman was a cartoon about an incompetent duck detective played by Seinfeld's Jason Alexander.

On NetworkLive's YouTube channel there's a lot of complete Duckman episodes. There's also a lot of 9/11 footage and news stories, but it's Duckman I'm encouraging you to go look at.

Below is an episode from season one called 'American Dick'.


Anonymous said...

Literally? Literally, Tom? Did you not mean figuratively?


Tom said...

No Nicola. I actually mean that he picked up a breadknife from the kitchen and put it to her throat until she sat down and watched Duckman with him.

And since we had this exchange in your kitchen just now, conveniently I could re-enact the moment for you.