Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Giant Plum Davidson At It Again

'Pish regular and everyone's favourite cheeky-chappie racist Jim Davidson has been in the news again and guess what? Its not because he's come up with a cure for cancer.

No, its because once again, the fact that its not 1975 anymore has bitten him roundly in the ass.

So, what's he done this time?

Well, it would seem that Jim has managed to add homophobia to his already impressive repertoire after verbally abusing Brian Dowling on the set of daft ITV moron sedative "Hells Kitchen".

Considering Jim is a racist, a drunk, a wife beater and a bankrupt, one has to wonder if adding homophobe to the list makes JD Britain's most versatile living embarrassment?

1 comment:

Tom said...

It was very funny. I've not heard the word 'shirtlifter' on TV since the days that Davidson had his own primetime TV show.

The thing was Jimbo wasn't really trying to antagonise Brian. He's that much of a clod that he genuinely thought he was making jovial conversation.

Brian did his best to stand up to him, but collapsed in a flood of tears. I wonder how differently things would have played out had someone like Stephen Fry been in there.

But then again Stephen Fry has a career.