Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Real Radio Renegade

As I left the flat this morning in order to sign on I stopped at the post box at the end of the street to post a letter. I then crossed the road. At that point I heard someone shouting “Excuse me,” so naturally I turned around.

The guy, in his mid-twenties, then excitedly asked me, “Are you the Real Radio Renegade?” somewhat confused I replied, “No I’m not.” The guy stood staring at me unconvinced. Now I’m going through my Rolodex of mental images to see if this guy is a match for anyone I might know. He wasn’t. But still he stared at me. “How you doing?” I said not wanting to offend anyone who might think they know me, though still baffled as to why they would want to greet me in this manner.

By now the guy realised that whatever prize he thought he was claiming, it would not be forthcoming. “Thanks anyway,” he said as he finally turned away from me. Funnily enough I couldn’t help feeling as if it was me that had bothered him.

Apparently the Real Radio Renegade is 'a man travelling all over Scotland with a bounty on his head. When he contacts Real Radio in the morning he gives a cryptic clue as to where he might be and tells the audience how much is on his head today. All you have to do to win is find him by asking everyone you see in the area he might be hiding "are you the REAL RADIO RENEGADE?" if you are lucky he will pass you a mobile to contact the station and your in the money. Remember if you don't ask you can't win is the catch phrase for this game.'

Aye, not annoying at all. Well done Real Radio. The station for bams. Encouraging folk to embarrass themselves by running up to strangers in the street and asking if they are ‘The Real Radio Renegade?’ Is listening to Real Radio not punishment in itself?


Graeme said...

Are they still doing that? I once had about a dozen people ask me that question over the course of an afternoon a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

I was once asked this same thing by about 5 people ina row, all running past me in buchanan st bus station about 2/3 years back? I was in a foul mood that morning and i couldnt actually make out what they where saying so i naturally thought it was people taking the piss out of me and i also started to get paranoid that something was wrong with the way i looked. I near enough punched the last person that said it to me before clocking that it was some bizarre radio thing. real radio - i see them being done for insinuating a murder in the near future...

Anonymous said...

I think its great hunting for the real radio renagade and Im a granny.
Im sure I came face to face with him a few times but never said 'Are you the real radio renegade. I hope I find him this year as a thousand pounds would sure solve some of my finacial worries. Roll on when it starts again this year.

Anonymous said...

Why was their no real radio renegade this year ! We all missed the fun Booooooooooooooooooo to real radio

Anonymous said...

A girl came up to me in the street yesterday and asked me "are you the real renegade" and i simply said no, she walked off...i shouted after her "i dont know what that means", she said "it doesnt matter".
So my mind made as much as it could out of this for the rest of the day then.