Sunday, 9 September 2007

Who Really Wrote Shakespeare?

A number of actors including Sir Derek Jacobi are questioning who really wrote the works of William Shakespeare. Along with the Shakespeare Authorship Coallition, they are opening debate about the thoery that Shakespeare's works were written by a group.

Conspiracy theories have circulated since the 18th Century about a number of figures who could have used Shakespeare as a pen-name, including playwright Christopher Marlowe, nobleman Edward de Vere and Francis Bacon.

"I think the leading light was probably de Vere as I agree that an author writes about his own experience, his own life and personalities," Sir Derek said.

The declaration, unveiled at the Minerva Theatre in Chichester, West Sussex, also names 20 prominent doubters of the past, including Mark Twain, Orson Welles, Sir John Gielgud and Charlie Chaplin.

I love the thought that a group of intellectuals could have credited their combined works to a local everyman.

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