Friday, 3 June 2005

The Friday Discussion

Every Friday at work it seems that Alasdair and Landry have some sort of bizarre discussion that lasts an hour or more. Two weeks ago the debate concerned Landy’s belief that women ‘should not drink in excess.’ Last week he declared that ‘Hair is unhealthy and spreads disease.’ Alasdair attempts to turn him round on each point with his own brand of debating.

Landry: “Hair is not good for you. It spreads disease.”
Me: (Stirring it up) “What about Jesus? He had long hair.”
Landry: “And did Jesus not get ill?”
Alasdair: “He came back from the dead! You can’t get much more well than that.”

This week, the topics they’ve touched on include Law and Order, Immigration, Religious Clothing and inevitably Big Brother. I’m waiting for them to hit upon something juicy.

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