Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Only Inches Away From the Motorway...

With the CD Exchange in full swing here at work I thought I would post this genius review by Alasdair of Lindsay's CD. He has compared each track to Glasgow, though I'm not sure why.

The Sleepy Jackson – Good Dancers

Kelvingrove Park on a summer’s day, when it’s busy but you’re not sitting near any Goths, yobs or irritating skaters. I can hear the river, the breeze in the trees and people having lazy fun. 9/10

The Velvet Underground – Stephanie Says

Byres Road, probably near the Dumbarton Road end where there are a few herbalist shops, cheap barbers, record shops and a political t-shirt store. 9/10

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Sometimes Always

In front of the two lions on George Square, after getting off the bus after a day trip to Edinburgh. 8/10

Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

Taking the 44 bus from the city centre to Jordanhill as the sun sets and getting off outside Victoria Park. 8/10

Ryan Adams – To Be Young

Getting drunk on organic wheat beer at Mono. 10/10

Elliot Smith – Needle in the Hay

Trying to find what you’re looking for but getting distracted in the Mitchell Library. 7/10

My Morning Jacket – Lowdown

The glasshouses at Queen’s Park where they have some beautiful gold fish (perhaps koi carps) in an ornamental pond. 7/10

Neko Case – Deep Red Bells

The now derelict arts centre at Anderson that was home to many drama, music and art classes but was only inches away from the motorway and where the bodies of dead prostitutes were discovered.7/10

Lampchop – This Corrosion

The RSAMD building, although filled with creative and spirited individuals the building itself is strangely oppressive in its design. 8/10

Nick Cave - Do You Love Me

Walking along the Gallowgate, past the drunks and the Barralands, in an electrical storm. 7/10

The Kills – Cat Claw

Getting into a fight on Sauchihall Street and getting laid shortly afterwards. 9/10

Interpol – PDA

Getting chatted up after a great gig at the Barralands and heading off to a really crap party believing that it is the best night of your life so far. 10/10

The Cure – The Lovecats

Exploring Mr Ben’s and all the other odd ball stores in Virginia Galleries before M and S renders the building unsafe. 7/10

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