Tuesday, 7 June 2005

It’s the Treble…

With the football season drawing to a close all over Europe, I suppose it’s time to break my self imposed blog exile to crow about how I’ve won all three fantasy leagues I entered this year, much to the chagrin of several readers and at least one writer of this very blog.

With the Herald League at work, the greatest satisfaction came from whipping the ass of the call centre supervisor, who had been bumming about his great team for months while he was on top. He’s less willing to discuss his football expertise now.

As for the Iomartership, misnamed really as Tom and I failed to persuade any of our colleagues to enter, It could be reasonably argued that I bought the title Chelsea style, spending up big on extra transfers after a bad start. This is only partially true as a great many of those extra transfers occurred after a text related cock up on the part of the league administrators, who then refused to refund my money. Having said that, I probably wouldn’t have won had I not had the luxury of the extra transfers in the last few months.

So that leaves the Champions League, an oddly subdued affair considering the prize, wherein a 4 goal salvo early in the competition by horse faced pick Ruud Van Nistelrooy got me off to an early flyer which no-one ever overhauled, despite my failure to tip even one correct result in the latter stages.

So, added to my European Championships double last summer, that makes it five fantasy league titles in a row for me, the most brilliantist fantasy league guy around.

How does it feel to be the no respect, no cash, no prospects no hope version of Jose Mourinho? As you might imagine. Meh.

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