Monday, 6 June 2005

The Weekend Condensed

My weekend was made up of Bar Bloc, China Seas, Bar Bloc again, Mono, The Press Bar, Walkabout, Scotland vs. Moldova, Star Wars Episode Three and Sin City.

Of the pubs visited Walkabout was awful. Never go there. Ever.

Scotland vs. Moldova was a dull match really, always the better team for some reason we kept allowing Moldova to get back into the game. I did enjoy the attempts to get the fans roused though, with Runrig’s Donnie Munro coming out to lip sync to an odd version of Flower of Scotland that had a daft drum beat behind it. They then played Billy Connolly routines and chunks of Braveheart that was still going after the game had kicked off. They may have started doing this ages ago, but I don’t mind of it from the last Scotland game I went to.

Nice that it was almost a full house, it only really got going as an atmosphere after the second goal, but then there were only about 3 minutes left.

Revenge of the Sith gets 3 stars from me. It was quite good. Where Attack of the Clones was a rollercoaster of really good and really rubbish, this maintained a level of quite good all the way through. I wanted more Darth Vader, but yeah it was all right. Though at the end of this franchise what you’re left with is two masterpieces (Star Wars & The Empire Strikes Back) one quite good film (Revenge of the Sith) two all right films (Return of the Jedi and Attack of the Clones) and one rubbish film (The Phantom Menace).

The Star Wars films have become kind of like Microsoft it’s like ‘here’s the latest upgrade.’ The three new films only improved upon the first three in terms of special effects or in what new stunts could be performed. They couldn’t match them in terms of engaging characters or thrilling storytelling.

Sin City grabs 4 Tom stars. This is the nearest there’s been to a comic book on the big screen. I knew my early acting idol, Mickey Rourke still had it. He’s awesome, while looking like a mutant Kirk Douglas. When I saw him in that Enrique Inglesias video a few years ago I knew he’d be back.

Bruce Willis turns in his usual dependable performance, Clive Owen makes up for Closer (yeah he got an Oscar nomination, but really he was nauseating in that), Benicio Del Toro is menacing, Brittany Murphy, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Alba are all sexy and dangerous just like they’re meant to be.

I also spent some time over the weekend attempting to put the new You Owe Me Glue script into some sort of shape. But more about that later.

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