Friday, 3 June 2005

Telling All Y'all it's a Sab-o-tage

So the second night of Sabotage, recorded at Gilmorehill. How many, if any, of our sketches will they use? I don’t think we drank much more of the free booze, we just seemed to be drunker. It also made us need the toilet much more and myself and Fizz pretty much sat in pain throughout the recording of the first show, pushing past people in order to go relieve ourselves when it was finished.

And did they use any of our stuff? Well, yes. Not as much as we were led to believe, but over the course of the three shows I think there were 8 of our sketches in. They had however changed a couple of them, but ho-hum. Fizz missed what was probably the best of the bunch, the Official Exorcist sketch, since along with Jo and Jill he had decided to spend most of episode 5 outside the building smoking. We laughed at our stuff as much or as little as we did anyone else’s. So there ya go, our first professional writing credit for which “the cheque is in the post.”

No celebrities this time second rate or otherwise.

The show airs in July at, I think, 12.05pm on Saturdays. The pre-football slot, though since it’s the close season I dunno what it will now be the precursor to exactly.

At the bus stop on the way home I endured an 84 year old man (I know cos he told me) singing a song he had written himself about Scotland. He then explained the decline of the education system over the last 50 years. It’s funny when you think these guys are telling you something that might be worth knowing but you can’t help feel they’re simply an irritant.

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