Friday, 3 June 2005

Just to Finish Off

Awright, so some links and some boring stuff to finish a blog intensive week. I had Cabbage and Sausage soup for lunch. “Cabbage and Sausage soup!” I declared incredulously at first, and after decalaring “Aye it doesn’t taste like poison I’ll have it,” it turned out to be quite nice. Red cabbage and spicy sausage as it turned out.

Here are some film directors including Tarantino, Lumet, Loach and Mann listing their Top 10 Films.

Here, again courtesy of Alasdair are 60 or so ‘simple games.’

An interview with Sin City star Benicio Del Toro.

I’ve been listening to Rilo Kiley a lot recently and at this site there are loads of live bootlegs that are worth a download.

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