Friday, 1 December 2006

The Latest on that Crazy Kramer

The Jewish Journal insists that Michael Richards can’t be Jewish just because he feels like it.

However, according to his publicist, Michael Richards is no longer a mason, as he still has that Jewish feeling.

Black America Web wants $3.5M of Kramer cash to go to the United Negro College Fund.


Anonymous said...

so we are all saying michael richards is a racist. if i remember, didn't the audience members start the heckling? why is it okay they give someone grief from the comfort of their own seats? didn't they buy tickets to see a show? do they find pleasure in making someone else miserable? michael richards should have never said the "n" word and his triade was dark and eery, but it kills me that over half the rap songs you hear have the "n" word in it. they call themselves nigga all the time... a quote from the boston herald, "to hear the pain that he inflicted on the them"... whatever! i also remember the audience members using the word "cracker". now the audience members and the the attorney, Gloria Allred, are just superficial money hungry people. just so you know, I am an educated black woman, not a white person writing this comment.

Fraser said...

There's no excuse for racist remarks Anon, but yes, banning "The N Word" would ruin the careers of half the rappers out there. I also noticed that the first thing the audience members did when racially abused was hurl racism right back, although others have pointed out, correctly in my view, that "cracker" doesn't have the same resonance as "nigger". I've said time and again that this is all bullshit; it's a bunch of people looking for their 15 minutes and a chunk of Kramer cash. But worse than that, it helps trivialise genuine issues of race in America.