Monday, 11 December 2006

The US Vs. John Lennon

Over the weekend I went to see the documentary The US Vs. John Lennon. It centres on Lennon’s political campaigning and the US Government’s desire to silence him.

On the whole it’s quite entertaining, speaking to Yoko Ono and several other campaigners and journalists who knew Lennon at the time.

It’s very one sided of course, portraying Lennon as a 100% good guy who only wanted to use his fame for good and not to score drugs, cadge free drinks and whoremonger.

The film is slightly heavy handed and treats us to a series of gunshots that perforate what seems to be a happy ending. There’s no one alive that doesn’t know how John Lennon met his end and the tacked on bit about his murder gave the doc a slightly sour aftertaste.

It doesn’t really tell you much that you don’t know if you’re a Beatles fan though remains entertaining throughout.

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