Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Back at the Fag End of the Entertainment Business

In this crazy business some people call show you don’t stay at the top for long, so grasp it while you can. After the excesses of Saturday the Tom Entertainment Express juddered somewhat with a gig at McCabe’s Ale House in Ayr.

Playing to 8 confused middle aged Yorkshiremen, the local gay guy, two couples and the barstaff is a gear shift from a 500 strong sell out crowd. And no offence to him but Kenny Ken doesn’t really cut it alongside John Byrne and Liz Lochhead. Anyways my spot went over okay considering the circumstances. The Yorkshiremen and one of the couples had left by the time Kenny took ‘the stage’ and by the time headliner Chris Broomfield got on, there was an audience of 3.

Still a free bar and I necked more than my fair share of Jack Daniel’s and Coke. Though it would probably have been easier, cheaper and more fun to buy myself a bottle and sit in the house.

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