Thursday, 26 May 2005

The Music Exchange

Here at work in an effort at ‘team building’ (nah, not really it was just an idea I had while having a conversation about music) I’ve organised a CD Exchange. The simple idea being that everyone in our ‘team’ makes up a CD and then we all start swapping them around.

This has been enhanced by us all writing reviews of the CDs and e-mailing them round. Prompting such reviews as

Bis - Today of all Days
This reminds me of my days in college radio when the power violence show was relegated to a fifteen minute slot on the noise show. Granted, you could play thirty or more songs in that time, but that's irrelevant. The people who ruled that station with an iron fist were into music like Bis. 3/10.


Playgroup – Make it Happen – after the last few tracks, I have to ask if I should really be on an e for this whole experience. Another sweaty club pot boiler, this has an engaging bass line and what I can only image are hastily scribbled down lyrics which don’t make sense, even in the good way. 5/10


Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body 2/10

I suppose this is all right for the genre, but since the genre is soulless pseudo funk pop tinged rubbish with its eye firmly on dollar signs I’m less than impressed. If he’d just taken out an advert in the New York Times declaring ‘I am Good at Shagging’ maybe then no one would have to be subjected to this garbage.

It does seem to be ‘bonding’ us all…kinda.

So far my CD hasn’t been reviewed, though Marceline did tell me that one of the songs on it was ‘dreadful.’ For the record my compilation is as follows.

1. Digerati – Good Morning Harry Shaw
2. Death Cab For Cutie – Technicolor Girls
3. Arcade Fire – Neighborhood # 1 (Tunnels)
4. Brendan Benson – Spit it Out
5. Ben Lee – Catch my Disease
6. Built to Spill – Strange
7. David Cross – Advertising
8. Jon Brion – Knock Yourself Out
9. Ben Folds – Rent a Cop
10. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Bleeding Powers
11. Ben Kweller – In Other Words
12. Doug Stanhope – Offensive to Midgets
13. Sahara Hotnights – Hot Night Crash
14. Say Hi To Your Mom – Let’s Talk About Spaceships
15. Demetri Martin – Swimming
16. Aimee Mann – You Do
17. Teenage Fanclub – Take the Skinheads Bowling
18. Tegan and Sara – Walking with a Ghost
19. Mitch Hedberg – Sandwiches
20. William Shatner – That’s me Trying
21. The Go-Betweens – Surfing Magazines
22. James Mercer – Pink Bullets
23. The Wolf Parade – It’s a Curse
24. Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won’t Come Out

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Anonymous said...

Your workplace sounds infinitely more interesting than mine. I'm quite sure I'd end up with a dozen Ronan cds or Robbie cds. I don't expect half your clolleagues with their cool, eclectic taste to know who either of these gentlemen are. Sadly, given my work environment, I know them only too well. Enjoy your cool cds. Think of me and how my life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it. Great.