Friday, 20 May 2005

Have I Got Trumped Up Law Suits For You?

An amusing aside to the previous post. The gig was run by Mac Star and on the drive down he was telling me of his claims that Dara O'Brien performed one of his jokes on Have I Got News For You the previous Friday. He eagerly told us that he was in the process of suing him. Well, he wisnae kidding. Here is his claims in the Edinburgh Evening News and the response he has received.

In the comedy community nicking material is a favourite subject of debate. I guess sometimes it happens, but sometimes you just have to face up to the fact that your material isn't as original as you may like to think that it is. It hasn't happened to me as yet, so I've no idea how I'll feel about it. I think the way to deal with it is to just work harder at creating 10 more jokes better than that particular one. But we'll see how I feel if ever I reckon someone has pinched my stuff.

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