Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Bank Holiday Weekend

How was the bank holiday weekend for the ‘Pish readership? Mine? Yeah well…

On Friday after work some of us went to a party at Marceline’s new flat, a converted stable just off Great Western Road. I think it was ‘converted’ some time ago. The funniest story we heard from the evening was from a girl who used to be employed in the complaints department here at work, who told us of a customer who bought 15 of the sub standard websites we have to offer as he suffered from multiple personality disorder and each one of his personalities called up to buy a site. You’d think at least one of them would have a little bit of savvy.

From Marceline’s party I went off to meet Jo at the Woodside Social. The last Friday of the month is National Pop League, which is really good cos they played a lot of stuff I quite like. Arcade Fire, The Go-Betweens, The Go! Team, Velvet Underground, The Smiths etc. though at the start of almost every song Jo did ask me “Who’s this?” I had to admit I don’t know everything. The last song played was ‘You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet, Baby,’ by The Smiths. This just sums up what a good band The Smiths were. That wasn’t even a single, (it was considered but was passed over for ‘Shoplifters of the World Unite’) it made its first appearance on the compilation LP ‘The World Won’t Listen’. How many other bands could have a non-single played as the last record in a disco?

It was here when a stranger walked up to me and said “Excuse me, are you the guy out of You Owe Me Glue?” he then went on to tell me how much he enjoyed the show and how he’d be at the next one. It’s always nice to meet the fans, cos at the end of the day, they’re the ones you do it for. Shame though, that it wasn’t a hot girl, but got to start somewhere I guess.

Saturday afternoon saw me miss the only goal in a dull televised Scottish Cup Final by virtue of my niece pulling a jumper over my head at the very moment the ball went in. However she didn’t think it was too funny when I turned her upside down a moment later.

Saturday night involved Nice N Sleazy’s, Mosquito, Fury Murrays and a dance crazy Nicola.

On Sunday I watch out to watch the League Two play off match between Hartlepool United and Sheffield Wednesday with Jo and ‘Pool fan Jill. They came very close, but ultimately lost 4-2 after extra time. From there we ended up in Jill’s local in Kinning Park, the name of which escapes me.

Last night I went to see my pal Sara in two one act plays. 'The Secret Love Life of Ophelia' by Steven Berkoff and 'Desdemona: A play about a Handkerchief' by Paula Vogel. She appeared in the first one and directed the second. I have to say that although the first featured a typically fine performance from Sara, the second play, which she wasn’t in, was far superior. It was very funny and featured an excellent comic performance from Friend of Glue Alison May.

And that was about it for me and pay-day Bank Holiday weekend.

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