Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Some Links to Look at

OK here’s some links for you all.

First off Fizzy has started reviewing records for Diskant. Nah, I wasn’t asked. One of his first assignments is the debut album from Liquid Blue. Have a look at the biogs.

In addition to being the lead singer with Liquid Blue, Scott is also a Chartered Financial Consultant.

Drummer Jordan Medina's nickname is 'Funky Cold'.

There’s always a discussion on Squander Two. More often than not there’s something interesting being said. And he has had a link to us up for ages.

If anyone is wondering how Ben is doing back in New Zealand, look at his site. There’s some photographs displayed as slideshows. He’s off to Mexico in about four weeks.

Since I was on about The Smiths earlier here’s a good Smiths fan site. Passions Just Like Mine.

The Shizzolator never gets old.

I think the death of Mitch Hedberg hit Doug Stanhope hard and he’s moving pretty soon, so he’s getting rid of everything he owns. In addition to a yard sale he’s punting all his goods on e-bay. Including tapes of him playing live and all his pornography and sex related toys. The sale starts June 10th.

You Owe Me Glue is back on in July so go have a look at the website. Familiarise yourself with the old stuff and very soon our webmaster will have some new stuff up for you to enjoy.

There is NOTHING to see at the Naked Bear Theatre Company website. But you never know, one day...

Have a look at Alasdair’s odd collection of photographs on Flickr. From abnormalists to cows. And here too is Marceline’s.

As the reviews for my CD compilation trickle in it’s obvious that just like The Ataris the folk in here hate Ben Lee.

I'm sure there's more I could serve up, but I think that's about enough to be getting on with eh?

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