Thursday, 12 May 2005

Dave Chappelle Hospitalised

One of Talking Pish and Heavy Sedation‘s favourite comics Dave Chappelle recently went missing while Comedy Central were awaiting completion of the third series of the consistently excellent Chappelle’s Show. He has now surfaced – in a mental health facility in South Africa.

Perhaps the responsibility of Comedy Central handing him $50,000,000 to do his latest series has tipped the balance against him. I’m not going to call that pressure, just see what the Glue machine could do with that cash. We at ‘Pish hope he gets well soon. Cos we need more classics like The Playa Haters, Tyrone Biggums, the History Channel's coverage of great inner city gang wars and the Wu-Tang Clan's new financial consulting firm.


Anonymous said...

Hope he sorts out whatever it is he needs to.

I can't remember if it was an article you sent me or one I found myself but it implied that Chappelle and Neal Brennan wrote pretty much every sketch of Chappelle's Show on their own. Or at the very least, they were heavily involved creatively. Add the stress of that to the fact that Season Two was a massive hit and they had to live up to that with a multi-million dollar contract hanging over them...and you can see why he might have felt under pressure.


Anonymous said...

According to PlayUSA, Chappelle's Show Season Two was shipped to me yesterday. And I've been charged for it. I'll keep you updated. It's showing as "Due for release 24/05/05" on the site, though. And I think that's the release date that has just been pushed back due to Chappelle being MIA.


Tom said...

Oooooooooh exciting. But yeah everywhere I've read says Season 2 isn't being released until Season 3 is in the can, but let's hope we're soon laughing it up with Rick James and Prince.