Monday, 6 November 2006

A Case of the Mondays

As everyone who knows Fraser and I are aware, we are eagerly kicking our heels awaiting our big break in comedy. A break that seems to be getting closer and closer, though still remains elusive.

As such we still have to pay the rent, buy gadgets and DVDs etc, so we have to plough on with daytime office jobs. In that regard I’m constantly on the lookout for a new job that might just give me an extra 30 quid a week in pocket money. Not a lot to ask surely?

However I’m discovering that the market for soul crushing office jobs is just as packed as any other job market. My reluctance to become a ladder climbing, authority respecting dullard is really putting me off making any progress on this front.

Last week I turned down the chance of a job interview when I re-read the advert for the job I had applied for. The first line read ‘If you like filing then this is the job for you!’ who the fuck ‘likes filing’? If you like putting things away in alphabetical and/or chronological order prepare to be happy!

Anyway I’ve been debating with my colleagues whether to go for a job interview tomorrow morning. The interview has already been outlined to me in painstaking detail by the company, who telephoned me a total of 5 times.

It is set to take 2 hours to complete and consists of 5 different parts. It begins with a standard interview going over my CV, then there’s one of those ‘give an example of a time when…’ nonsense series of questions. That is followed by a series of 3 tests, in order to ensure I can read, write, spell and count.

Prior to the interview I’ve been provided with a ‘competency skills matrix’ to complete as well as a medical form, which requests permission to contact my doctor to provide them with details of my medical history.

I know what you’re thinking ‘MI5 don’t just hire anyone, you have to clear these hurdles if you want to mix with the elite’. This is for a bog standard office job dealing with customers who have complaints about stuff.

Also despite there being 2 A4 pages listing the job’s duties the company have neglected to be clear on the wage. The bottom figure they previously outlined is less than 11K

So what d’you reckon? Am I going through all this for a job I don’t really want that might not pay me less money than I currently earn?

Or am I staying up to 2am tonight to watch ‘Infernal Affairs’ and using my morning off for having a lie-in? Watch this space.

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