Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Infernal Affairs

Well, I stayed up until 2am last night watching Infernal Affairs and had a nice bit of lie-in action this morning. I bodyswerved that daft job and its 5 tests, skills matrix and prying medical forms.

So I stayed up to watch the Hong Kong cops and robbers flick. I’ve seen The Departed, the US remake, and although I haven’t written about it on TP, boy did I have my problems with it.

Infernal Affairs tells the same story almost note for note, but does it tighter and allows the audience to have more sympathy for the characters. One of my main problems with The Departed was a scene that is also in the original. It seemed to make more sense in the context of IA. The scene in question is IA’s ending, although the scene is the second ending of three in The Departed.

I doubt I can stay up tonight and tomorrow to watch IA2 & 3.

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