Thursday, 30 November 2006

"I'm Going to Kill You, and I'll do the Time"

It will never end. Here is the latest on Michael Richards.

Sam Simon is one of the producers on The Simpsons. He alleges in this interview with Howard Stern that Michael Richards is the "angriest," "craziest," and "worst" star in the business.

Don’t worry Michael, you have another celebrity defending you. It’s Mel Gibson. “My heart went out to the guy.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson in The Huffington Post attempts to get Richards to take part in a roundtable discussion with black community leaders, residents, and activists

Some good news. According to this article sales of Seinfeld season 7 in Britain are up by almost 7,000 per cent in Britain and 75 per cent in America.

Gothamist reports that Tom's Restaurant, the establishment that doubled for 'Monk's' in Seinfeld, is keeping up its poster of Kramer.


Anonymous said...

That is good news, that the UK and the US can still enjoy a sitcom knowing it stars a total racist
Maybe the National Front should get that new version of "Love Thy Neighbour" into production.

Fraser said...

The National Front? Fuck me, where have you been grandad? :p)

Fraser said...

What consitutes a "total racist" by the way? And at what point do you jump from being a slight to partial racist?

Graeme said...

But didn't the Seinfeld DVDs only come out last week in the UK? Sales would be up massively in any case.