Wednesday, 29 November 2006

It's Your Money or Your Career, Kramer

The Michael Richards debate rolls on.

His publicist has now been forced to offer a garbled explanation of why the Catholic Freemason Michael Richards can consider himself Jewish.

“Technically, not having been born by blood as Jewish and not formally going into a conversion, it was purely his interpretation of having adopted Judaism as his religion."

In the New York Observer, founder of the ‘Can’t Stand Seinfeld Society’, Ron Rosenbaum offers five theories on Michael Richards.

At Counterpunch, Richards has now been lumped in with the New York cops who shot dead a black man at the weekend. Karen Finley in the Huffington Post does the same thing.

On Court TV lawyer Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, discusses the merits of her mother’s possible case against Richards and comes to the conclusion that racism is nothing a little bit of Seinfeld cash can’t sort out.

“A jury of Doss and McBride's peers might have acquitted them had they lashed out in violence after such vile provocation. Instead, they took the nonviolent high road and consulted an attorney.”

Ken Levine enters the Richards debate, though his post is more about how improv is ruining comedy.

As for an update on Mo’nique’s career, she’s still been in fuck all since Mo’nique’s F.A.T. Chance where aspiring plus size models attempt to lose weight.

WWE stars JTG and Shad Gaspard (aka Cryme Tyme) ‘kicked the crap’ out of a Michael Richards lookalike to show their displeasure with the situation.

One of the stars of Chappelle’s Show, Paul Mooney, has also called for a ban on ‘the N word’, claiming that Michael Richards has ‘cured him from it’.

”We’re gonna stop using the “N” word,” said Mooney during a recent broadcast on CNN. “I’m not gonna use it again and I’m not gonna use the “B” word. Just say no to the “N” word, we want all human beings throughout the world to stop using the “N” word.”

Fraser and I were talking about this as a sketch only this morning, but it appears that National Lampoon have gone and done it. Here is their Lost Seinfeld Episode.

1 comment:

Fraser said...

Holy shit, that Ron Rosenbaum character is a giant asshole eh?

Only a truly great writer could manage the double whammy of criticising someone for being self congratulatory while simultaneously using himself as his chief reference.

It’s unbelievable that clods of this magnitude earn money from writing.

Also worth noting that, while I don't have much time for those prone to violence, attaining the moral high ground in America now seems to involve engaging in a mocking perversion of the principles the civil rights movement was based upon.

How long before everyone in the US wakes up and realises, "Hey, I've been called a derogatory name before - where's my money?"