Thursday, 16 November 2006

First Suck As Only They Can

Well done to First, who pulled a big performance out of the bag last night in terms of getting me home.

2 hours it took me to get from Maryhill back to Falkirk.

Firstly (mewh hey), the bus never showed up until quarter to 6. Then it broke down. Then it started up, and then broke down again. The driver sat in his cab like the fucking dummy he is and waited until people started asking before confirming that the bus was in fact “going no-where”. Plum.

So I end up in Glasgow about twenty past 6, fully 50 minutes after I got out of work. Having missed the 6.15 train from Queen Street I now dash to just about make the 6.30. But of course it has been cancelled due to “vandalism”. I’m assuming the vandals spray painted a big word and they had to send out for a dictionary. This is about the 4rth time this month that a train I’ve been going for has been cancelled, not delayed, that’s a matter of routine, just outright fuck-you cancelled.

So it was the 6.45 for me. Of course it was carrying 2 trains worth of folk, but that didn’t stop them reducing it to a 3 carriage service.

You can always trust the money grabbing scum at First to turn a routine 10 minute journey into a harrowing 45 minute nightmare, especially if it’s raining which seems to add at least half an hour to any journey time.

First manage to combine everything that is bad about dealing with a British company. High prices, belligerent, in fact outright rude staff and shit service combine to revive the “Whit ye gone dae aboot it?” attitude of the 70’s.

It’s a real pain in the ass to have to rely on shitheels who just don’t give a fuck to get me back up the road on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

It's always great when you can read the first sentence of the paragraph to pick up on who is the author.

Hard luck on the service.... I suggest death threats, bomb threats, and more death threats...

(I'm sitting in an airport right now, hope they aren't key logging me...)

Ben L, NZ.

Fraser said...

Hey Dude, great to hear from you. Hope you're doing well.