Saturday, 25 November 2006

Stanhope's Take on Richards Racism Row

No Michael Richards stuff for a couple of days, you must be worried. Here is Doug Stanhope's take on the subject. As you may imagine Doug defends him, and gives the most intelligent defence of him I've read yet. In fact it's probably the most intelligent assesment of the incident I've read yet. Oh and he also hates him.

The guys involved want a personal apology.

Bob Parks has quite a good, humorous look at the fiasco on Mens' News Daily.

"Gimme a break. Those men could have walked out any time they wanted, but as insulting as it was, they were involved in that train wreck everyone wanted to watch. It’s not like this traumatic experience was the first time those men ever heard the word directed at them. For Gloria Allred to act like it was and demand a monetary payoff is shameless."

Kenny Kramer is finding his phone ringing off the hook.

Tom Green is another to defend Richards.


Anonymous said...

I can't find any sort of contact info on this site however if you're interested I did a radio interview in mp3 format with Kenny "The Real" Kramer that's on my blog site "The Naked Gord Program" here:

It can also be downloaded via bittorrent here:

Tom said...

I know you did Naked Gord. I linked to it a couple of posts back. ;o)