Friday, 31 December 2004

It's Party Time!

So Hogmanay then. My favourite time of year, where my natural inclination to be miserable is challenged by all and sundry who think I should have something to be happy about. I think the last time I felt I had something to genuinely be hapy about was when John Collins hit the equalizer against Brazil in 1998. Maybe not, but hard to pin down another moment.

Who decided that on a random day of the year you have to be fucking happy? March 14th? Why don't we all go out then and jump about for no good reason?

So what are you all doing then? Me? Well, with only one half-hearted charity case offer to my name (which was withdrawn in any case) I'm doing fuck all. Force me to celebrate, I dare you.

11.50am UPDATE! Charity Case Offer No. 2 - Tiger Tiger. 15 quid. An offer that came in after I said that I could hardly think of a worse place to spend New Year's Eve. Bedtime by 12.05 still sounds good for me. 05 cos obviously I'll sit up to see if things suddenly become brilliant after midnight. When I get the sense that my life is still pish. I'll sleep.

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