Thursday, 23 December 2004

It's A Wonderful Radio Play (that's not on the radio)

Last night's performance of It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol went quite well. Both plays had suffered a loss of a main actress (something that snowballed to effect You Owe Me Glue), but those who had to step in at short notice coped admirably.

Personally my multiple roles weren't enough for me to get really into it, but what I did I quite enjoyed. The performances from Anne-Marie, Charneh, Derek and especially James were all excellent. There was a very 'luvvie' atmosphere afterwards that Anne-Marie and I mocked, but then bought into...then mocked again.

Even the Ronnie, Tommy & Graham triumvirate enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

who's the actress you lost? why don't you see if mcgarry wants to do it....