Monday, 20 December 2004

My V for Vendetta Letter

Dear Local MP,

I have a few points to make about the proposed introduction of ID cards.

Firstly, none of the arguments forwarded in favour of the scheme stack up.

They won’t stop benefit fraud. Most people involved in benefit fraud lie about their circumstances, not who they are.

It won’t stop terrorism for two reasons. Firstly, the terrorist threat to this country is greatly exaggerated by the leaders of your party, who have a less than perfect record on getting their facts right about who’s a threat to who.

Secondly, ID cards did little to deter the Madrid bombings and the Hamburg Cell. Organised crime flourishes in Italy, where they also have ID cards.

ID cards have also failed to halt rampant illegal immigration in countries such as France, Italy Germany and Spain, so that one doesn’t wash either.

Considering the above, it seems silly to me to fork out my share of the £6 billion required for this system, particularly when it seems that all it’s good for is letting Tony Blair know where I am and how many times I’ve been to the doctor.
If Tony is so anxious to know what I’m up to, I suggest not trying to get me to pay for a big brother style national surveillance system, but simply that we swap mobile numbers. That way we can just ring one another and catch up that way.

We would also be able to spend the saved money on frivolities like the decent state pension I was expecting when I joined the workforce, some hospitals, or more foreign military crusades.

What the hell happened to you people? Didn’t you used to be socialists?

Yours, to do with what you will it would seem,

Fraser Campbell

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