Friday, 31 December 2004

The Last Post (for 2004)

So it's the end of 'Pish's inaugural year. As if that signifies anything. When I had the thought to start this blog, it was mainly due to my inability to concentrate on my job and had to wander around from website to website. On finding that the news-sites, blogs and the like that I visited weren't always updated frequently I decided to start a blog of my own in order to amuse me and others like me. Fizzy mocked me, saying it was a stupid idea. Within a few days he had rejected that idea and got quite into it.

I was going to do a Best of 'Pish round-up, but I think I'll leave that for next May when we reach one year old. What I have noticed over looking over old posts is that I should really concentrate more on avoiding repetition of words and try to avoid using the word 'genuinely' quite so much. From Fizzy's posts you'll notice an unhealthy obsession with all things Rangers related.

I'd like more folk to get involved in the comments. Many times I've found myself discussing the comments with the commentator via e-mail or on Instant Messenger. So get involved more next year 'readership.'

You should also be checking out the You Owe Me Glue site, as a big year for me and Fizz kicks off with us getting right in about this show. We have to write about 90% of it still and rehearsals should start very soon.

So see you all in 2005, which, let's face it is when you're reading this anyway. Let's hope 2005 is better than this pishy year, but that makes about as much sense as saying let's hope January is a better month than December.

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