Thursday, 16 December 2004

The Pig

There was a programme on TV a couple of nights ago about Craig Johnston, the former Liverpool midfielder turned inventor. It was a very interesting show. He was always a player I liked and he’s been interesting to watch as an inventor as well. For a bit of background, a South African by birth and Australian by upbringing he was part of a very successful mid to late 80s Liverpool side playing alongside Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Mark Lawrenson and John Barnes.

His first notable invention was the Predator football boot. What was interesting about him is that he ditched Adidas in protest at their use of slave labour. He also insists that his boots are not made with kangaroo leather. His latest invention is The Pig and also a football skills programme that gives kids quantifiable data on their skills and progress.

Not content just to make football better, he also invented a system for hotel mini-bars. An idea he came up with while rooming with Bruce Grobbelaar. While Bruce was figuring out ways to pocket cash for throwing games.

The gen on Craig Johnston and the pig is here.

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