Thursday, 25 May 2006

A Bit Gutted, But We'll Be Back

What a shame we had to cancel the show this week due to renovation work at the venue.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule that you NEVER cancel a show, just in case it’s the one some philanthropic impresario decides to attend, but we were faced with less than a week to find a new venue or the prospect of having a procession of folk clattering several doors on the way to the bog during the entirety of our performance. We couldn’t pull it off for once.

No-one at Blackfriars was saying it, but they didn’t want us to go ahead either – a bit rich after they blackmailed us into performing in February despite the venue being a dangerous building site at the time.

But no matter. We will be back in June, hopefully with the full cast and crew for a spectacular, un-curtailed show.

If half the people show up who said they were coming this time (once they knew it was cancelled mind you …), it should be a quadruple sell out.

Looking forward to turning folk away in their droves come June 30th then.

Among the fun ironies surrounding this of course is that me and Tom now own T-shirts advertising a show that will never happen, and we got our best bit of pre-show press ever via the London Times.


Chris said...

Just could do it without me!!

Should be back next month!

I just can't stay away!!

Fraser said...

It will be good to have you back Chris.