Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Poor Turnout, Good Show

Had you been at the March Glue, you could have been forgiven for thinking that ours was a show on its way.

With 50+ folk paying on the door, we struggled and eventually failed to seat everyone who arrived for what turned out to be a ramshackle but enjoyable show.

April’s show was beset with problems from the outset – no Dazza meant we were a man down from the off, and Anne Marie pulling out later on left us really struggling.

But, given that we had 3 rehearsals (only one with sound and light guru Chris) 12 new sketches and had to draft in a ringer (the excellent Sara Harrison) we turned in as good as show as we’ve ever done in terms of performance the other night, unfortunately this time to only about 15 people.

I felt the show was a little unbalanced, largely because of the sketches we couldn’t do and one or two of the sketches will benefit from a polish, but by and large it was a quality show.

So why the low turnout? Well, there are excuses to be had. Bank holiday, blah, blah blah…..

But we’re shite at promotion. Virtually no-one outside of our circle of friends and acquaintances know we even exist.

This isn’t helped by the venue, who don’t even mention us on their “What’s On” blackboard.

But it’s mainly down to us not putting in the work and not involving anyone who knows how to promote a show.

I feel we have a good package that just needs to be sold right for more people to be interested in, but if the purpose of Glue is to get us all some work, you have to say that so far, it’s been a failure.

Perhaps we should be putting our limited time and energy into demo and show-reel projects in future.

Doing the live shows is certainly fun, but I get the increasing feeling that we battering our heads against a brick wall.


Aloysius Munn said...

Hmm, why didn't you use situationist tactics, eh. The blackboard problem is a gift innit.


Christof! said...

I thought I did really well considering my one rehearsal, and I was feeling crap as well!! Not bad!


Tom said...

Yes Christof you performed admirably with only your, by now standard, one rehearsal. I was just pleased your fall didn't land you with memory loss and cause you to repeatedly welcome everyone to the show.

Chris said...

Whats that supposed to mean???


Tom said...

Cos if you'd lost your memory you'd have forgotten that you welcomed everyone at the start of the show and you'd do it again. It amused me anyway.